Susegana, Treviso, ITALY

montepiatti vini

A return to traditional practices.

The vineyard's story began in the 1970s when Primo Bazzo, with foresight, acquired five hectares in the hills of Susegana. Originally planted with Merlot and Plavina, the vineyard changed hands over the years.

In 2020, Soira Bazzo and Filippo Santarossa took charge, managing two and a half hectares of Glera, alongside Bianchetta trevigiana, Verdiso, and Dall'Occhio—native varieties seeking adoption. Biodiversity efforts include tending hedges and woods for native plants. Beehives, cover crops, and flowers attract wildlife.

Manual vineyard operations focus on dry and green pruning using the sylvoz system. Minimal treatments leverage integrated pest management. Harvesting, done by hand with scissors and friends, emphasizes a return to traditional practices.

Montepiatti aims to revive traditional farming while embracing contemporary methods. Prosecco is dead; long live Prosecco!

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