Welcome to Wyrd Wine, your new one-stop shop for authentic, artisanal, natural wines.

We are Giuseppe and Oana, two passionate nature enthusiasts, travelers and insatiable tasters, who want to share our love for this unique and delicious world with you.

We met four years ago and got inspired to start this project almost in an instant.

We decided to extend our passion to give other natural wine enthusiasts the chance to expand their wine game and to newbies the opportunity to enter this world we love with ease. 

Our mission is to support the hardworking and courageous winemakers, who are the true heart of the natural wine revolution, by bringing their bottles to You!


We regularly travel to different wine regions throughout Europe, always on a lookout for the new dream bottle, that truly reflects the spirit of the people who made it. 

With Giuseppe’s expertise as a sommelier and Oana’s curiosity and innate talent for choosing the best wines, you can be sure that each bottle is selected with care and dedication.

The producers we work with are generally small and immensely respectful of the soil and the terroir. Each of them we either met at wine fairs or in their own vineyard. Likeminded humans who keep their values high and share our philosophy. 

We believe that each bottle tells its own story, a tale of the land and the grower, a story of tradition and environment.