Ca' dei Zago

Valdobbiadene, VENETO, ITALIA

Christian Zago working in the vineyard

The original soul of Prosecco.

Ca’ dei Zago’s 5th and current generation winemaker, Christian Zago, is often referred to as the face of the “new wave” of Prosecco di Valdobbiadene growers and producers. But his approach to viticulture and his winemaking style actually go back to a century ago, long before anyone could imagine that Prosecco would one day become a worldwide phenomenon and the best-selling sparkling wine in history.

Founded in the 1920s, the Ca’ dei Zago family farm and estate stretches over just six hectares planted to vine, with the main varieties of Glera, Perera, Verdiso and Bianchetta Trevigiana. Many of the vines on the estate are more than 40 years old and most are planted on steep hillsides where all vineyard management must be done by hand. The farming practices are rigorously biodynamic. Demeter-approved preparations are used throughout the vegetative cycle. Harvesting, winemaking, and bottling are carried out in strict accordance with the lunar calendar (as per the teachings of early 20th-century biodynamic pioneer Rudolf Steiner).

Christian is renowned for his production of Prosecco Colfondo. “Col fondo” means “with sediments”, referring to the natural yeasts depositing on the bottom of the bottle, which give it unique aroma and taste. More recently he started producing the Prosecco “metodo classico“, following the méthode champenoise.

In the wines of Ca’ dei Zago lies the true and original spirit of Prosecco, which is far from the commercial and industrial phenomenon it is nowadays. A must for every natural bubble lover!

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